The first step in learning about sound suppression begins with the Soundproof's visual guide to sound suppression versus sound absorption and a mental image of the room or equipment you wish to disable. When you finally "get it here" with the sound that cuts through your walls, echoes in your open spaces, and thoughts tremble out of your head, if it doesn't destroy the golden silence you deserve - then you're in the right place and in Quick Guide us for Soundproofing 101 is a great start. Imagine your space and imagine how you will reconstruct it. Are the existing walls soundproof? Added sound-absorbing foam in the housing? Install the door silencer? Are you in a noisy room or is the sound traveling through the walls? With a picture of the project you'd like to work on, just follow the Soundproof quick guide and let the series of links guide you to the right noise canceling product for your project. We have soundproof solutions that are perfect for the most complex noise problems that make your ears ring, your teeth contract, and your blood pressure rise. We are not doctors, but our noise control doctors can help manage the symptoms of unwanted noise without breaking your budget. Contact us today for more information on the complete line of soundproofing and home improvement soundproofing Vibration noise Objects that vibrate are objects that make noise - cars, industrial machinery, tractor units and construction site equipment. To convert harsh, vibrating energy waves into quiet, low-quality heat, Soundproof Cow offers the Silent Running SR-500, a highly efficient, durable and soundproof roofing material. The SR-500 is non-toxic, VOC compatible and water based for easy cleaning with water before screwing. The cured components added to this effective do-it-yourself soundproof material adhere to almost any surface of plastic, fiberglass, metal and wood. Acoustic foam Quickly mounted soundproof acoustic foam is a special type of noise-canceling material that enhances acoustics, reduces echoes and absorbs sound waves at nearly any frequency. If you are building a recording studio but are on a budget, we offer efficient and affordable curved acoustic foam panels. For areas governed by fire regulations due to the risk of extreme heat, Soundproof Cow has Class A acoustic foam panels that offer high-performance sound absorption properties without the need for additional construction. Sound-absorbing materials such as acoustic foam minimize unwanted noise and reverberation in device housings, landfills, health facilities, and large computer rooms. Quietboards waterproof panels Our Quiet Board Panels are made of high quality waterproof Styrofoam material which absorbs sound in the wettest places without experiencing water damage. Acoustic partitions Preventing noise distraction from spreading to the privacy of others not only helps keep the office quiet, it also makes dining in spacious restaurants more enjoyable for diners. Would you like to eat peacefully with your family while other families in other areas of the restaurant try to control their little twins, who are also suffering from existential disorders? We know the answer. And this is where a removable noise barrier can save the day by offering effective, aesthetically pleasing noise protection. Call centers, multi-function auditoriums and storage or production facilities also benefit from our acoustic partition walls made of cotton. Hanging partition Are you looking for an affordable and effective noise reduction technique to solve a noise problem affecting your company, industrial plant or any other large area? Are you ashamed of what's there? If so, get rid of your sound troubles with our bespoke hanging partitions! The Udderly Quiet 200 series ceiling partition is an aesthetic aspect of noise reduction that can transform an empty, dull ceiling space into a stunning work of art - while simultaneously absorbing noise, reducing echo, and enhancing speech clarity. The hanging partition has screws for quick and easy installation using an S-hook or other suitable hanging component. Acoustic fiber optics The density of acoustic glass mineral wool determines whether it is supplied in sheets or rolls. Acoustic fiberglass is an excellent sound absorber. It can be cut to specific sizes to fit your needs. This material is classified as Class A fire and is ideal for applications with strict fire regulations. From industrial plants to residential applications, Acoustic Fiberglass is a flexible sound control option.

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